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Pipe Manufacturers in India

India has been considered to be a developing country, and to meet the needs of such a nation there are many factors which need to be considered. Manufacturing industries are the backbone of the economy of any country, most importantly so for a country like India, with its growing needs. Developments in technology have granted… Continue reading Pipe Manufacturers in India

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CPVC Pipe Fitting and Manufacturer

Being honest, all of us have problems with the irrigation pipes on the cultivation field or the pipes that are in our bathrooms or kitchens. Whenever we have issues with breaking of such pipes, it makes our lives really miserable. We have to keep our plumber’s contact details in hand or fix it ourselves if… Continue reading CPVC Pipe Fitting and Manufacturer

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Plastic Water Tanks

Storing liquids was never so easy!Plastic water storage tanks are in high demand not just because they look great, but also due to being lightweight. Vectus Industries Limited provides a wide range of plastic water tanks for all your needs. Benefits: With potable water getting scarce, it is crucial that people store it. Plastic water… Continue reading Plastic Water Tanks

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Pipes and Fittings

Worldwide, the consumer market is a picture of ever evolving and dynamic buyers and sellers. Catering to such a potent and compelling market is not an easy task. With an aim to excel and foster growth in the market, Vectus Industries Limited has proved to be the fastest growing Pipe and Water Storage Solution Company. The… Continue reading Pipes and Fittings

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Water Storage Tanks

With a rise in quality consciousness & customer awareness, every product in the current era is directed towards delivering consistent, superior quality products and services which earn customer satisfaction and strong brand image. Analogous to this concept, is the vision of Vectus Industires Limited, a leading manufacturing industry in India, that caters to Plumbing & SWR… Continue reading Water Storage Tanks