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Install the latest, Innovative Technology Based Plastic Pipes & Fittings in your premises.

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Earlier, people used metal pipes in their home but now most people install plastic Plumbing and SWR Pipes and Fittings in their premises because they are far more durable, easier to install and are corrosion free.

If you install the metal pipes made of iron and copper fittings in your bathroom and kitchen, then you need to replace these attachments after a certain period. Metal pipes and fittings are easily and quickly affected by water. You need to spend additionally on its maintenance cost. But now you can save this cost by installing Plastic Pipes and Fittings which prevent rust and corrosion and thus, also saving your precious time and energy otherwise required for the maintenance. Being safe, reliable and durable, it brings peace of mind to you and your family, for years to come.

Why do you choose the PPR pipes and fittings? 

  • You can install these corrosion  free PPR pipes and fittings for your regular hot and cold water supply system.
  • These pipes and fittings are made with an anti-microbial technology which prevents thriving of any type of bacterias  and water infections. It ensures hygienic water supply.
  • PPR products are very strong and sturdy, with a life span of over fifty years.
  • These pipes are easy to install.

Application of UPVC pipes and fittings: 

UPVC pipes and fittings are used in commercial, industrial as well as residential areas for hot and cold water applications. Being easy to install, they are very commonly used in shopping malls, schools, colleges, hospitals, homes, offices and factories. These pipes and fittings are rust and corrosion-free. Apart from that, these fittings are very durable and designed with anti-bacterial technology.

How do you choose the best quality brand in UPVC pipes? 

If you intend to install plastic or UPVC pipes in your area, then you should search online for UPVC pipes manufacturing companies.

Before buying any product, you must consider the following points:-

  • The best quality pipes and fittings available with high  corrosion resistance.
  • Warranty on the pipes and fittings.
  • All the products should have lower bacterial growth, low thermal expansion level and chemical resistant power.

Vectus is one of the new generation companies which manufacture different kinds of plastic plumbing pipes & fittings, water storage tanks and sewage systems.


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