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Benefits of Plastic Pipe Fittings

There are various types of pipe materials but now plastic is the most dominant one in the market. Plastic pipe fittings are one of most extensively used building materials. In fact, a research based study has found that customers used more of plastic pipe fittings than of any other material.

What makes PLASTIC PIPE FITTINGS the prevalent choice for both new piping installations and maintenances?

Numerous property managers find that plastic pipe fittings plumbing delivers huge economic and security advantages. Even in a big multi-family community, PLASTIC PIPES and FITTINGS are sturdy, long lasting and easy to maintain. Plastic pipes & fittings are perfect for amateurs to utilise because they are stress-free to work with and does not need special skills or tools.

There are various disadvantages that are faced with metal pipes. The metal pipes are difficult to set up and rust very soon. Apart from that, there is a higher chance of it getting stolen due to higher scrap value. The plastic pipes on the other hand have various benefits when compared to the other materials. Some of them are listed as follows:

  • Less installation hassle in terms of ease of installation; they make the job stress-free at every turn with easy cutting; push fit joints and superb suppleness and handling abilities make each setting up quicker. And with no soldering or welding required, they make the job harmless and eco-friendly too.
  • Less chances for leakage

As plastic pipes are generally available in elongated lengths than copper, only a fewer joints are required. Plus, push fit joints can make it set up quickly.

  • Performance Benefits

Because plastic pipes are obtainable in lengths up to 12 m, less number of joints are necessary along the pipeline, curtailing any potential leakage points.

  • Environmental Benefits

Due to their lighter load nature, plastic pipes and fittings aid to decrease energy use and consequently greenhouse gas emissions. What’s more, all products are 100% recyclable at the termination of their beneficial life.

  • Less chance of Theft

With copper & metal theft being an ever-growing difficulty on site because of higher scrap value, PLASTIC PIPES & FITTINGS and other sorts of plastics are a far less alluring prospect for thieves.

  • Corrosion Resistance

Corrosion is one of the most expensive problems related with metal piping systems. It arises both inside and outside the pipe and disturbs hydraulic efficiency. Many cities treat their water for slow rusting and pitting in metal pipes. Others select costly plastic coating, cathode protection or sleeving to try and prolong the service life of the pipes.

  • Fatigue Resistance

Plastic pipe is supple and ductile, not stiff. It has an exceptional resistance to exhaustion. Unlike other material pipes, plastic pipes handle recurring surge happenings that are common in our water distribution systems.

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