Blow Moulded Water Tanks: An Easy Solution for your Water Storage Problems

Vectus Blow Moulding Water Tank Manufacturers & their Suppliers are growing at a rapid rate owing to the quality range they offer in the market. Vectus deals in a wide array of products. Here, we will discuss the Blow Moulded Water Tanks.

After a thorough research in the market and manufacturing processes, Vectus came up with a durable and quality oriented range of Blow Moulded Water Tanks. The material used in manufacturing of these products is high grade quality. Entire production process is monitored by the experts and the resultant product is strong and durable.

With the help of stringent quality controls while using blow moulding technique, Vectus provides water storage tanks in attractive designs.

In order to meet the growing demand and complying with customer-satisfaction, Vectus has set up the highly advanced moulding plants at different various locations from North to South and East to West. Together, these units have a capacity to  generate 12000 MT per annum. All these plants are one of the best and are well equipped with all facilities.

Vectus is sincerely committed to deliver high quality products and therefore, it is a world recognised brand. Vectus believes in continuous technological innovations, hence they keep upgrading methods and processes so that better quality products can be offered to the quality conscious segment.

One of the best features of VECTUS’ Blow Moulded Water Tank is that it comes with a threaded lid. This ensures an easy access to open and close the tank. Its Pan India availability, high quality, competitive pricing and attractive colours and tough designs make it an irresistible deal to buy it as a life long solution to store water.


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